Orthotics are prescription, customized molded inserts that physically correct the biomechanics of the foot while wearing shoe gear. Prescription functional orthotics are designed to assist in the correction of biomechanical problems that affect the feet, ankles, knees, hips, and even the back as we walk, run or perform daily activities. They support the foot and to aid in restoring the proper alignment of the joints and bones within the foot. Many foot problems can be directly attributed to collapsed or fallen arches or other biomechanical faults such as pronation (rolling in and collapsing of the arches when walking) and supination (rolling outward of the ankles and raising of the arch). These problems are usually genetic in origin and most patients do not realize there is a problem until various symptoms begin to appear.  Often, pain in associated  other areas such as the knees, hips or back is caused from improper foot biomechanics.